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Gone with the Wind

Favorite Film Dresses

The Duchess

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Snape Pretends He Doesn’t Know - She Loves Him.

I want a Finchel 1x1 and a Fuinn 1x1 . Or any 2x2, 3x3 with those pairings in them.

Bring them to me! I would be Finn and audition. Au plots are what I am looking for, I feel like they are fun to get into, and you can grow with the characters. Please message me if interested!!! I would be making a main blog, no side blogs please.

chef-hummel asked: Congratulations! You got the role as Finn. Please send in your account within 24 hours!

I work all day today, from 8 am, to 9 pm. It might not be till really late tonight. Is that fine?


This is full of dawwww